DS Lite sells out like a mug

The Japanese masses have shown their support for the newly released DS Lite. The portable was sold out even before stores opened. From the article: “With the Japanese DS Lite launch on Thursday morning, 3/2, Nintendo has embraced launch carnage like the good old days of Super Famicom and N64. Forget about selling out minutes after opening — the DS Lite was sold out hours before opening time at every retailer IGN was able to visit.”


  1. Same thing will happen with Revolution. Consider my words marked.

  2. I can vouch for the “sells out like a mug”. I had to work today, although my fiancee didn’t tell me she started waiting in the line at 7am at Shinjuku’s Yodobashi Camera where they had 500 in stock. She was number 300! They gave her a ticket, and told her to stay in line to purchase the DS Lite. The store didn’t open until 10am for this and she was able to finally get the DS Lite at around 11:30am! Amazing! I remember the days of the Super Famicom being sold and was thinking, “Nintendo started with selling out consoles, and then the portables will eventually sell out. Now, I believe also that selling out the portables (DS, DS Lite), the future console Revolution should also sell out unless there are more in stock!” It is a nice way to start selling hardware, but the demand is much higher for the Nintendo products now with the addition of more and more killer apps.

  3. This is a good time to be a Nintendo fan. I can’t wait to revel in it to my fans who jumped ship. Viva la Revolution.

  4. Well, of course they sold out! I read on Nintendo Gal that Nintendo only shipped 450,000 units! Is that true, anyone?

    Should I start getting in line for the U.S. release?

  5. So, are Nintendo pulling an Xbox 360 here or are they really selling as many as they possibly can?

    I really hope I don’t have to jump through hoops to get a Revolution this fall. I just remember seeing people outside my local Best Buy in a tent in the rain waiting for midnight Xbox 360 sales and wondering if I would do that for a Revolution or not.

    I guess since I questioned myself, I’m not very hard core .. or am I just sensible?

  6. You’re sensible. But best bet would be to reserve a copy at a gamestore as soon as you can. I’ve got my EB calling me as soon as they have their pre-orders set-up and are holding one for me.

  7. The 450,000 figure must be with the blue ones counted, because Lik-Sang sed only 93,000 DSs will be available on March 2nd. All white.

  8. Hey look IGN got the story right this time!

    Remember that whole mess up they had up on there site when the DS came out in Japan back in 2004? “No one is in line for the DS” “DS flops in Japan!”

    Oh wait we only checked one store in one part of Japan..oops.


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