DS Lite comparison pics

Behold DS Lite comparison pics along with some images of the innards of the system. How about a US release date already?


  1. This site’s ethics have gone downhill since the DS Lite was announced.

    (That’s some good DS-on-DS porn though)

  2. perhaps this is common knowledge, but I only learned about it today…

    Althought the DSL is aesthetically pleasing, did you know that the GBA carts stick out when inserted? [as in, they dont go in all the way, as they do in the regular DS]. This probably isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s kinda negative on the DSL scorecard.

    What do you think?

  3. Really? I’d have to see it, but i wouldn’t mind much. Not like i really play my GBA slot-covers. I mean GBA games.

    Hook it up with a pic, K.

  4. I didn’t read about it on the net – it was in conversation with someone today. I guess we can treat it as hearsay until pics are actually shown – but it makes sense though.

    I wonder if that would make it easy for the Rumble pack to fall out?

  5. Even if it sticks out it should snap into place.

  6. “That’s some good DS-on-DS porn though”

    Thank God I’m not the only one who thought that…

  7. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/lite/gallery/image6.html

    A pic of the ugly GBA stick out. What’s worse is that the accessory carts (rumble paks, etc) are going to stick out as well. I mean, I’ve still got my GBA to play GBA games, but for a DS accessory to fit so awkwardly? I almost hope they don’t release any more.

  8. I think that they can probably make the accessory cartridges smaller [use a smaller plastic shell] so that they would fit in the rperfectly.

    Perhaps thay have some accessories that will work better if they stick out of the top, something that plugs into the GBA slot, but needs to be exposed…?

    As far as regular GBA games, its just gonna look ugly. I dont think it looks that bad anyway. but still… points off.

  9. Damn, it’s true. At first i thought it was a half-inserted GBA cart. That stick-out is a little severe. Screw it, the accessories will be modified to fit it better.

  10. that DS lite sure is nice, but I just got my DS today. Yeah, maybe to some its a dumb mistake, but I’m loving my DS, even in it’s package.

  11. Wow… that is HOT. Can’t believe there was no NSFW tag…

  12. Well by now u should know that this whole site is NSFW. We have taken a dark turn…

    (Editor’s note- More handheld porn coming soon.)

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