DS Hits 5 Mil in Japan

As reported by Reuters, the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has revealed that the Nintendo DS has sold a record 5.44 million units since release in Japan. That’s only 13 months after launch, making it one of the fastest selling systems in existence.

After a slow start, titles like Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Castlevania, and Nintendogs have lifted the DS above the competition.

[via Reuters]


  1. wowwwww, nintendo king of handhelds

  2. dang! 5.44 units? that doesnt sound like much. at this rate they should sell 7 by february

  3. Keep in mind that that’s only on the Japanese island. It’s selling more there than anywhere else.

  4. Maybe they would sell more if the units were WHOLE. What am I supposed to do with .44 of a DS!?


    Animal Crossing Info:

    Name: Lasant
    Town: Mordavia
    Code: 5154-5702-2110

    *Awesome* Animal Crossing Community: http://linteria.blogspot.com/

  5. Hi Like your page!

    this guy seems to have some interesting points about the launch date..


    can anybody confirm the launch will be in June 2006 in Japan?


  6. Thanks for the shout-out Ryuben

  7. Oh, and Anon Peter, wake up. That revofan blog thing is clearly BS.

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