Dress Travis Touchdown like a REAL Hitman

hitman.jpgTravis Touchdown is in a lethal race to become the world’s top-ranked assassin in the brutal Wii game No More Heroes, but let’s be honest. In reality, there is only one true Excellence of Execution, and he’s the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Fortunately for Travis, players can assemble a complete Bret Hart look-a-like outfit for him. To dress Travis like the real Hitman, head to his motel closet and adorn him with the following clothing items:

– Sunglasses: 005 (Peony Purple)
– Jacket: 002 (Skeletal Tiger)
– T-Shirts: 099 (Famitsu No. X-2)
– Jeans: 002 (Black Mamba)
– Belts: 010 (Pink Bomb)

While I can’t confirm this, Travis also performs wrestling maneuvers far more technically and efficiently when dressed like the Hitman.