Double Trouble

Look at these things! With great games, and good looks, Nintendo is going to do just fine in the handheld market. Contrary to popular belief, Ninny knows best when it comes to portables.


  1. Personally i think the SP looks alot more professional and refined than the DS. I don’t really like the rounded edges of the DS, and theres alot of wasted space to the sides of the top screen, maybe make the speaker grills go to the top or something. Something about it just looks unfinished to me..

    I guess they need to make Nintendo DS SP 🙂

  2. I’m sure they will, i’m certain they will…

  3. What about a DS micro 😉
    I think those hendhelds look quite cool and they definitely look durable and that is very important for handhelds I think…..

  4. The SP’s square form-factor is an absolute bugger to hold and play for any length of time. It really is excruciatingly bad.

    The DS’s rectangular form factor is definitely the best from an ergonomic point of view.

    Roll on the GB Micro…

  5. No matter what gets released in the coming years Nintendo will ALWAYS be the Portable King.

  6. I’ve got both and I prefer to play games (GameBoy Advance) that needs the use of the “A” and “B” buttons on the SP. These buttons on the DS are to small and to close to the edge and bottom of the unit.

    DS is only “confortable” when using the stylus.

  7. I take your point about the minute A,B,X,Y buttons.

    I think Nintendo should have stuck to their guns and retained the A and B buttons only – as per the original DS design spec.

  8. I thought the four button setup was to make the stylus/directional control compatible with “lefties”

  9. maybe i’m wrong but as things go from 2 dimensions i.e(Super Mario Bros. 1-3) to
    3 dimensions i.e(Super Mario 64 and Metroid Prime)there is a need to go from
    up and down, to up down back and forward. Of course i could be wrong also. lets not forget the original xbox controllers one of my favorite systems to crack on. The saying bigger is better definitely proved to be drastically wrong and most importantly I ask you this. Nintendo is based where? For some reason that country is into small things and in terms of global business you milk your cash cow as mush as possible!

  10. They make a great couple don’t they. I can’t wait untill they have the little micro, we have to throw a baby shower.

    Side note: We can see your arm in the picture.

  11. Contrary to ‘popular belief’ and contrary to ‘popular opinion’ are two very different things.

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