MSNBC playtesters choose Wii

From an article today on

“Which machine wins the battle for consumer bucks and gamer thumbs will be determined this holiday season and in the months after.

But for a sneak peak at how the console wars may unfold, we invited a group of six gamers ’ hardcore and casual players, adults and children ’ to spend some time with us, the Wii and the PS3.

After plowing through several hours of gaming and many boxes of pizza, the resounding favorite of our playtest was ”¦drum roll please … the Wii.”

Reasons for the decision included the fact that some people have seen games get too complex; the rise of “hop and go” gaming (pick up and play to us); the rumble features; the Virtual Console games; and this gem, which many of you will groan about, but was too hard for me to resist:

“With the PS3 and the Wii each hooked up in neighboring rooms, we found the PS3 sitting all alone at several points during the evening (hooked up to a giant high definition TV no less) while all the gamers gathered around the Wii and played together.”

Cons: graphics (really? no way); no DVD support; Wii Boxing’s quirky controls (this one is looking to be one of the big stinkers with each passing day).

I think something happens in two days.

[Thanks, fitz]