DIY Nintendo DS Lite Rumble Pak

diyrumble.jpgSure Nintendo has already released a new Rumble Pak for the Nintendo DS lite, “…but where is the fun in that?” says mod-pro Xyzzy on Instructables. Xyzzy’s mod is made from a hacked-up Pokémon Pinball GBA cartridge and a Nokia phone motor, and fits inside of your DS space-holder, so it will even match the color of your DS if you don’t own a black or white model.
The tutorial contains full instructions on how to make your own DS Lite Rumble Pak, but it doesn’t look easy. However, if you love a good modding project, and you’re upset that you can’t find a rumble pak to match your seafoam DS import, check out instructables for this and many other Ninty modding projects.
Thanks to Kotaku for the link.

7 Responses to DIY Nintendo DS Lite Rumble Pak

  1. Sloppy seconds says:

    I think I’ll just fart out $30 and buy one after all

  2. droop4 says:

    What’s wrong with Nintendo’s? Just the color?

  3. weird says:

    well, it doesn’t rumble…it just give a smooth operator vibraton into your hand.

  4. rokerovakero says:

    Remember you can fry your DS doing this…Proceed at your own risk. I made one, and it works, but be sure to get a better cellphone rotor that really shakes the DS! Or leave the wire out for a tingly sensation!

  5. Bart Britt says:

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    RCSCC Vanguard


  6. Antony says:

    Hi game boys

    I got some pcs of the LED Front light for my game boys series and changed the backlight into a front light, it was a great.

    Hope this will helpful to you.

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