Digesting Miyamoto’s BW Interview

Miyamoto & FriendsOther than the now famous “I’d rather not talk [about playing games without a TV] right now” quote from Miyamoto, I really liked what he said to Business Week about games being fun and sparking emotions. I’ve never seen emotion in a game like I had while playing Wind Waker. Isn’t that why we all play games, for fun or to spark emotions? Are major developers leading us astray from what a video game really should be?

[Source: Business Week]


  1. Man, I love this site and I love the quality of the news we get… but sometimes you work a REALLY hard sell on Nintendo. I mean really, it’s a Nintendo news blog, you don’t have to convince us that they’re awesome. 😛

  2. Good call Blake,
    I’d rather have games that produce emotions as much as Windwaker did as oposed to the more Violence/Sex that other delvelopers are going.

    I’m glad to see that all over the world game developers are meeting together to discuss video game developing and that at each of these meetings Nintendo is sending their people to do speeches. I do not want to see Video game’s go down the same path that movies have. More Violance/Sex does not make for better movies and it will not make better video games.

    The path Nintendo has choosen is the right path I believe.

  3. This may seem wierd, but lately, I’ve really been wanting a videogame that helps you learn another language.

  4. You know, you might have something there Nick. With the DS’s microphone and touch screen capibilities, it just might be useful as a great learning tool.

  5. try Total Overdose. It’s all in Spanglish.

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