Developers only scratching the surface of Wii’s potential

From the feel good Wii development story file:

The Wii remote controller has much more potential than is currently being seen in the first crop of Wii games, according to the development team at Ignition Entertainment. “This was something we earmarked a lot of time for as it’s vital that it’s done properly,” [Ignition’s studio manager, Ed Bradley] said. “Then to our surprise it ended up being more straightforward than we anticipated. It’s surprisingly natural and easy to make the transition to the new control method. We’ve spent a lot of time tweaking dead-zones and acceleration and stuff like that but I’d say the control method worked 90 per cent perfectly the first time we tried it,” he revealed.

This is all going to take some patience and some time however. Can you wait a year?

The article at also makes note of the fact that developers should hold game play above all else when developing for the Wii, and not concentrate exclusively on control schemes.That sounds a lot like the DS (e.g., some great games don’t use the stylus or touch screen at all), and we all now where that little guy ended up.

[, via ars technica]