Despite radical price drop, 3DS still too expensive, says Wired

I’m pretty sure this is the first time in history that a sizable price cut of a high-profile game system wasn’t entirely well-received.

“Even at $170, it’s still too expensive,” writes Wired’s Chris Kholer, who like our own resident fanman, is normally a adamant Nintendo enthusiast.

He continues, “It’s (still) not cheaper than an iPod Touch. Sure, the price of entry is lower now, but what happens after that? New 3DS games cost $40 each. There are no demos, and third-party publishers seem to be taking active steps to make used games less appealing.”

But wait, there’s more! “$40 is a not a price point at which you say, ‘Oh, hell, I’ll just try it’… I have played more Super Stickman Golf (99 cents) on my iPhone than I have played any 3DS game.

“Meanwhile, the Nintendo 3DS eShop download service is full of expensive games (fuzzy black-and-white Game Boy games from 1989 start at $3, and the good ones you actually want cost $4). The ridiculous payment structure will only take your money in increments of $5, then give you nothing to buy with it.”