Culture comes to the Wii

AmigoOK, so calling it culture may be a bit over the top. And if there’s anything I’m not these days, it’s over the top.

Anyway, Viva Pinata and Samba de Amigo (sans maracas) are headed to the Wii.


Apparently Microsoft isn’t satisfied with putting their first-party, Rare-developed franchise Viva Pinata on the Nintendo DS: they’d just like to concede the race entirely and make a Wii version. If this happens I will really not know what to think.

Is it another case of the remake/port express coming into Wii station? Sure it is. But it’s also two great games that millions of people would never have had access to otherwise (hell, millions of people already had access to one of these games last year, but it still didn’t get played — perhaps a “different” audience is what’s needed?). Anyway, prepare to get shakin’.