Cost of a Wii: $40 to $60, AA batteries

Fun Fact: Did you know you can get a Wii for as little as $40 plus tax and batteries in November? True story.

I alluded to this fact in my rant against the establishment yesterday, but I think it may have gotten a bit lost in the chaos that ensued within the comment section afterwards. For a refresher, my point was this: Buying a Wii and three controllers at once defeats the purpose of the console. People who say otherwise have not yet accepted the fact that this is not a PS3 of 360 we’re talking about. Having control over everything is yet another layer of obstruction to gaming to the “non-gamer” sect, and is the last thing Nintendo wants to do with its next-gen strategy. People have said “it’s all about the controller” in the past — but I don’t think they really realized how true that statement is. Why else do you think it uses AA batteries and not a recharging dock? Having to dock the Wiimote up with the console every night (thus leaving your personalized controller in the hands of someone else) again defeats the purpose of the Wii. Sure they still could have made it rechargeble and portable, but that ups the cost even more, and we can all agree that — like Carmen Elektra’s chest like going to church — the word cheap doesn’t apply to these puppies.

So, for those of you on the fence about the Wii due to price concerns, listen up. On launch day, drop $40 for the Wiimote, or $60 if you have it. Then, find a friend who has bought the console and go play it — it’s a mere push of the SYNCH button away. While you’re there, make a Mii of your own, download it to your controller and play some games. Then, take it home when your done. Repeat as necessary until you either hate it or love it. If hate’s the case, send your Wimote to me. If you love it, I’m going to assume paying top dollar for the Wii is no longer a concern of yours.