Controller Chew Toy

Everyone with a dog and a controller know this experience all too well. Will the real Nintendog please stand up…


  1. My dog chewed the little rubber thingey off of my Wavebird. Playing with raw plastic didn’t really bother me until I got a hold of F-Zero GX, though. Then, I ripped the rubber thing off ofmy first controller and super-glued it onto my Wavebird. I had to glue it back on like two times before it would stay, though.

  2. Time to put the bitch down.

  3. I saw a dog chew the cable of a PS controller once…
    Dogs are a real threat to console equipment 😉

  4. I have small dogs, so it would be rather easy for me to pick them up by their back with one hand and smack them against a brick wall.

  5. lol

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