Colt’s Choice 2/2/20

Colt’s Choice 2/2/20

How are you all doing?? It’s your boy Colt and I’m back for another choice! I’ve got a real ripper of a game for ya this week so sit back, relax, and let’s let the good times roll!

My pick for this week is a brand new game called Hypercharged Unboxed! It’s developed by a 5 man team called Digital Cybercherries. I have a review coming out very shortly where I will go into further detail but I want to hit a few key points here.

This game is a first person shooter fighting waves of enemies, all set in a toy theme! It also includes co-op and multiplayer where this game truly shines; playing with friends! This game is truly a great time in a genre that is nearly silent on the switch, and they really took it in a fun way. The great thing about this company is they are looking to improve their product and they’re constantly listening to player feedback and squashing any bugs players encounter.

Guys, this bad boy is is $20, PICK IT UP!!!! I promise you it will be a GREAT time! I would love to get some games in with you all so join the Infendo Discord and hit me up!

So there we have it folks! Did you pick this gem up? Are you loving it like I am? Let me know in the comments section and as always, until next time… GAME ON!!!!!