CNET’s "Worst tech Christmas" fails to mention Wii, DS lite

CNET’s “Is this the worst tech Christmas ever?” article today should probably cite itself. And then disappear.

The author, who I can surmise must be nothing more than a thousand monkeys locked in a room with access to a thousand typewriters, says this might be the worst tech holiday season ever. Why? Because of things like the cancellation of the Microsoft Zune media player in Europe, the PS3 has hit delays, and Winows Vista is not coming out on time. So why should Infendo care? Because the article makes nigh a mention of a certain little white console that has hit every conceivable media medium over the past month as the hype builds and builds for the November 19 U.S. launch. Oh, and then there’s the DS Lite, which is currently leading a TIME Magazine gadget of the year poll like a Democrat over a Republican in a statewide congressional race. Sorry CNET typewriter monkeys, but I think it’s time to take away your typewriters, especially in light of comments like these:

“The PlayStation 3 is top of most people’s Christmas lists, but you’ll have to scratch it off right away. The PS3 is delayed in Europe because of a shortage of Blu-ray laser diodes. It’s remarkable to think that such a tiny component will be responsible for so many tears on so many childrens’ faces”

That’s funny, most of the people who have a PS3 at the top of their Xmas lists also have “power seller” in their eBay profile. And I think Phil Harrison and Ken Kuturagi might have something to say about why the PS3 media effort is tanking right now, too, not just those diodes.

Worst tech Christmas ever? More like one of the more poopsky articles ever.