Chicago Tribune Gets It

Chicago Tribune has posted their thoughts on the GameBoy Micro. They compare the portable’s strategy to that of Apple’s Nano and also point out the PSP’s recent poor performance compared to the GBA and DS. Best line in the article:

“Nintendo isn’t expecting the Micro to outpace the DS; it’s just a fun way to reinvigorate the Game Boy line for one last big holiday season.”

Agreed. Now if we can only get that price to drop in time for the holidays.

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  1. I think the Micro is a great machine, and I think most people would at least admit its a very slick piece of kit.

    I think the only real negative feedback is just that it’s really very expensive considering the SP and DS on either ends of it’s price point.

    Guess Nintendo figured hardcore fans and tech-geeks would be the majority of people picking this up and they could afford selling it for a higher price, but I think they’re going to be missing out on alot of impulse sales from newcomers to the portable space if they had sold it for 50-70 instead.


  2. i’ve owned all of nintendo’s home consoles but none of their handhelds. As soon as I saw the Micro I wanted to get it. When the price drops I might get that and a DS.

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