Challenging Nintendo

Vlad over at Joystiq has put together a very clever critique of Nintendo. One of the reasons Infendo was started was to create a haven for Nintendo enthusiast, while at the same time challenging the company to become a better games and hardware manufacturer. From the article: “And yet, falling in love with a company is dangerous. By definition, falling in love with anything–or with anyone–results in a certain inability to perceive flaws, a certain suspension of critical thinking.”

This hits close to home for anyone married or dating a significant other. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The same applies to companies, products, or ideas. You can love Nintendo and still ask for, expect from, and encourage constructive criticism.

So let’s hear it readers, have any hard questions for Mario Inc?

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. “You are arriving at a very difficult time for any company, even one as successful as Nintendo. How are you going to get third party support — the lifeblood of any system — on board with a completely brand new and completely unknown gaming technology, especially after the negative press the GC received from the broader gaming community as a whole?”

    I realize GC was actually a money making system, but public perception is a powerful thing, even if it was influenced by poor reporting by the videogame press.

    My answer to this question, if anyone cares, would mention GC was the only profitable system hardware, as well as a heavy ‘DS was completely revolutionary’ component and has sold like mad.

  2. I am a Nintendo enthusiast cause I know the quality of this company. Its philosophy is completely different from the others. And I agree with its philosophy. I am a Nintendo enthusiast cause they put quality above everything. Cause they do not fear to delay Twilight Princess in search of more quality, even losing the holidays. am a Nintendo enthusiast cause the create consoles tah gives more than the common. am a Nintendo enthusiast cause they gave me Nintendo DS and will give me the Revolution. I know the company made mistakes in the past, the worst was the cartridges and the lost of third partys in the N64 era. And the delayed of the lauch of GameCube.

  3. There are several nintendo enthusiasts who will support any decision nintendo makes, and I am one of them. This is the cost of believing in a company that has changed videogames for the better, more consistenly than any other company. They have their mistakes, but I wholeheartedly knew ds was gonna be big, and I honestly feel revolution will be too. They still have surprises up their sleeves, but I hope they understand the need to remain true to those not looking for innovation in how they play. I’ve slowly been weaned off of being a graphics junky, once learned how exciting new play mechanics can be, but that doesn’t change that if the games I adore for the creativity had better graphics that I wouldn’t like them even more. Please make sure you suit all your customers needs, and don’t just cater to new gamers. Do both, and do them well and success is guaranteed. I’ve rambled on, but in closing: Many will blindly follow Nintendo because we believe, please reward out dedication. Why don’t American audiences, have a Club Nintendo. Why should I pay $30 dollars a piece for my beloved classics, when you could easily create a compilation like mario all-stars. Why Redesign a system only weeks after releasing a special bundle. Most of all don’t allow your core audience to feel cheated. Keep up the great work.

  4. First of all, Nintendo you are making a mistake by charging for old games. period. I would rather hope you are thinking of a kind of bonus included in rev games like Animal crossing & that Punchout boxing tiein. If you are think about selling them consider the whole world and not just Americans and japanese. For instance here in Mexico finding a Ereader is impossible and even a broadband adapter for the gamecube. I don’t wanna not be able to get the old games just because you guys forget not everyone owns an American Express. Also, Mexico is not a world leader so why do we get your games way more expensive than the U.S.????????? every new release is $70 and DS $59!!!!!! you guys should Give Panama’s Motta International (Nintendo’s latin american distribuitor) a clue about how the latin american market works and maybe even include Mexico in the Canada-U.S. price point. Also try adding spanish in your releases since English is not the most spoken language anymore not even in the U.S. so how about it? you got millions of fans in the continent and piracy of your consoles is almost a sin for the fans, Microsoft does release games in Spanish here. I hope you hear my opinion/rant.

  5. Lack of a constant flow of games kills every system.

    The GC didn’t have that constant flow. Look at it now.

    Nintendo doesn’t have that Monopoly any more, they better shape up.

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