Castlevania Judgement New Characters!

So it seems that more characters are coming to join the fray of whip slashing, sword swinging, and spear piercing. It is of no surprise to see Death creep in to join the fight to condemn the souls of the Belmont Clan. But for every evil character that joins there has to be one or two good characters joining as well. I wonder who else is going to join the fight against the chaotic dark forces of evil…

Eric Lecarde of the Castlevania Bloodlines fame appears to join the battle as well. Not much was known about the Lecard Family until Portrait of Ruin. He wields Alucard’s Spear, and is a master lanceman. His ties to Castlevania is that he must support the Morris family, and that the love of his life, Gwendolyn, was turned into a vampire.

Shanoa!? Is this the same Shanoa from Order of Ecclesia? She really doesn’t look to be the same person… But the art style in Judgement is very different from the other games, so maybe she is. Not much is known about her… but with time everything shall be revealed.


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