Castlevania Judgement New Characters!

So it seems that more characters are coming to join the fray of whip slashing, sword swinging, and spear piercing. It is of no surprise to see Death creep in to join the fight to condemn the souls of the Belmont Clan. But for every evil character that joins there has to be one or two good characters joining as well. I wonder who else is going to join the fight against the chaotic dark forces of evil…

Eric Lecarde of the Castlevania Bloodlines fame appears to join the battle as well. Not much was known about the Lecard Family until Portrait of Ruin. He wields Alucard’s Spear, and is a master lanceman. His ties to Castlevania is that he must support the Morris family, and that the love of his life, Gwendolyn, was turned into a vampire.

Shanoa!? Is this the same Shanoa from Order of Ecclesia? She really doesn’t look to be the same person… But the art style in Judgement is very different from the other games, so maybe she is. Not much is known about her… but with time everything shall be revealed.


15 Responses to Castlevania Judgement New Characters!

  1. Richter says:

    No headline dealing with this abomination should be punctuated with the excitement of an exclamation point, unless it reads “Castlevania Judgment Cancelled!”

  2. Damien says:


  3. Pnut78 says:

    I believe unless there has been hands-on experience with a final version, you can’t say it’s an abomination or not.

  4. gojiguy says:

    I don’t know why people are so pissed off about this title. Is it because this is something “new” and “different” that breaks the series unbearably similar titles that have been nothing more than 20 or so metroid ripoffs since SoTN? I’m more excited to see how this turns out than Order of Ecclesia.

  5. Run line 10 says:

    I don’t know but the latest characters look pretty good to me. I’m ready to give it a try and see what IGA can do. truthfully I only dislike one of his character designs and that is Simon which looks like a bad PS2 model from the FF series. We will see how good it is when it comes out. Yet it looks playable to me and almost has a rival schools feel about it.

  6. Gausser says:

    I agree with Pnut78. I bought 2 Castlevania titles for the GBA and Dawn of Sorrow for the DS, but they all feel like the same game. I know this is a big franchise with a long history. I feel like I should enjoy it, but it’s so repetitive. Judgement may turn out to be a terrible game, but at least there’s a chance I’ll buy it just because it is different.

  7. Gausser says:

    meant to say i agree with gojiguy

  8. Richter says:

    Wow, these responses are why we have so much crap being churned out constantly in the industry. The GBA/DS Castlevania games are so popular because they’re really, really good. Yeah, it’s a tried and true formula, but they’ve brought something new to the table with each iteration. Saying that they all seem the same means you either didn’t play the games, or you’re really, really awful at differentiating between games. So, we take a successful 2D franchise which has struggled in the move to 3D, then move into unfamiliar territory for the developer by making a fighting game, and even after a slew of reports about how awful and ill-conceived the game is from hands-on testing, people still want to play it because it’s something different from previous games? I’m all for innovation, but when something works pretty well, there’s no need to fix it.

  9. Damien says:

    I agree with Richter, the games aren’t the same. That’s like saying all the Mario Games are boring and old because they use the same platforming techniques that they always used.

  10. Reynard says:

    Odd how there’s so much complaint it’s not a full scale adventure game… because the ‘fully fledged’ 3D castlevania games worked so well so far didn’t they? oh wait, no, they were all shambling messes. I don’t mind them trying a different angle here, maybe it’ll be fun in the end, and unless the ‘next gen’ castlevania is 2.5D, I don’t think wii users will be missing anything.

  11. Jamie says:

    This game hasn’t really been on my radar recently but hearing all this and looking at the screens, I’m kinda looking out for it. This will definitely at least go on my ‘to rent’ list. Then again, I’m a sucker for any kind of fighting game like this, looks kinda like a flashier version of Soul Calibur.

  12. ResidentialEvil says:

    Umm…I wasn’t aware that taking a franchise and making it a 3D Fighter for it was “new” and “different”, unless by that you mean “been done to death the past 15 years”. TMNT anyone? How about Double Dragon, that was a winner. Star Wars, yes another great one.

    As far as the 3D titles, they aren’t nearly as bad as has been panned. The N64 games were a decent attempt, and I actually enjoyed Lament of Innocence. Curse of Darkness is ok. None of them “suck”.

    But I’ll give you the glory of the series is in it’s 2D/2.5D games, and that’s why they keep churning them out; because they are all good. From the GBA on I’ve not played a handheld CV game I didn’t love.

    If anything, I wish Konami would take a page out of Capcom’s playbook and give us a WiiWare/XBL/PSN CV 2D game. That would be the best thing yet.

  13. Run line 10 says:

    I don’t know I want to see what he got right. I know I don’t like some of the designs but that will only give me a reason to crush them. I’m sorry I’ll be renting this just to see what he got right and if the possible 3d version on HD console even has a chance. First and form most you have to see it as a game. I will judge it that way and no one critic or even group of critics should make up your mind about a game if you have not played it.

    If Mario came out for the first time ever this gen it would be bashed to hell. Had mega man 9 been a new franchise it also would have been bashed to hell. I’m happy to admit lots of critics are just wrong about some things and fail to see the game underneath the parts they don’t like.

    I’ve seen parts of this game I like very much. The 3d game play with the wild running is going to be interesting also. I like my fighter fast.

  14. Noremakk says:

    It may be an abomination, but who knows? It could be fun.

  15. Abstract says:

    I have this game and it’s not as bad as everyone is saying, I have to admit I prefer fighting games rather than the full blown adventure games but It’s actually quite a fun game to play. Sometimes some people just don’t like change and I guess that’s fine if they prefer the classics but really it’s good that the creaters are trying a new angle on the game.

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