Castlevania: Dual Moons

GamePro is reporting that a new Castlevania DS game is on it’s way entitled Dual Moons. DS-X2 writes: “According to GamePro, the full title of the game will be Castlevania: Dual Moons. The year is 1999 and Dracula is returning. time for Julius Belmont to pick up a fight and put the bloodsucker back in its coffin once and for good.”

The game will launch presumably in 2007.


  1. Hmm, hopefully it’ll be something like Metroid and Tetris where this game can come out with Megaman ZX

  2. Hm, a prequel to Arria and Dawn of Sorrow?

  3. Ok, this pic is a hoax. The guy in white is Soma, from Dawn of sorrow. The big thing is a boss from DoS called the gergoth. The level is the beginning of DoS. This is a Photoshopped Pic, not real

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