Camp Hyrule fine print smashes 7-11 Wii contest pricing

This evening Infendo readers Vincent and Will combed the fine print of Camp Hyrule, Nintendo’s online summer camp, and discovered what many of us already believed to be true: That the Wii will not exceed $250.

“For Camp Hyrule, one winner will be randomly selected to win a free Wii. In the description (aka small print) it said: 1) Wii video game system. Approximate retail value of the Wii video game system has not yet been determined, but will not exceed $250.00.”

Sure, this is expected, but on a slow Nintendo news day I thought this was significant because it kills off all that crazy talk created by our exclusive Infendo post on the 7-eleven Slurpee contest earlier this week that pegged the Wii with an ARV of $300. So rest easy, the Wii is back at $250 or below. This news, if anything else, also gives the $229 figure seen this week more clout.