Business Week on Nintendo

Even the boys at Business Week are impressed with the Revolution controller unveiling. Is it just me, or has the controller announcement high jacked video game news? Maybe even general news. Okay, not everything but it really seems to be infiltrating all the news networks and people are liking what they see.

In addition to kind words, the article brings to light Nintendo’s recent PR mantra: “Every gamer who plays. Every one who used to play. Even those who have yet to play, Nintendo is your bet. ” So true. It’s the perfect motto for the next-gen system.

Now if they can just get a strong advertising campaign and nail the new controller mechanics, there should be little at stopping the company from re-taking the industry.

[Source: Business Week]


  1. And you know what? If it hadn’t looked like a TV remote, and instead would’ve looked like a classic controller with all the 3D features it now has, it wouldn’t have gotten the same press coverage. Whoever came up with the idea of it looking like a TV remote is a fucking genius! That guy may get next years Nobel prize. You heard it here first!

  2. Careful. The article is good for Nintendo — but it’s an interview with a Nintendo exec! Good press is, well good, but it has to be from a more objective source. Believe me though, there’s PLENTY of that out there right now.

  3. You know over here the mainstream media isn’t picking this up 🙁
    Not yet at least….
    I thought they’d show more of it, but after all for the mainstream over here TGS is just some strange thingy in a strange country about strange stuff.
    If it’s not mainstream already, nobody’s interested 🙁

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