Building the best video game podcast of all time, and we need YOU!

This has been brewing for a little while now, and we are getting closer to making it a reality. Podcaster extraordinaire Scott Johnson, and yours truly are gearing up to launch a new weekly podcast in addition to Infendo Radio focused squarely on the broader video game industry. Our intent is nothing short of building the very best show possible, and your first stop for the latest and greatest video game coverage. We have one step left: We want to bring on a “play by play” man (or woman), and it could be you!

Here are the requirements, and the whatnot:

  • Balanced individual (ability to leverage pop culture beyond just games on the cast)
  • Editorial mojo. Ability to recognize big weekly stories and/or the ones that encourage debate. Screenshots are (typically) not news!
  • Thorough knowledge of all three consoles (Wii, PS3, 360) including handhelds and PCs.
  • Funny and witty.
  • The ability to record on a regular weekly basis, most likely on Saturday mornings right after Infendo Radio. Must have a broadband connection, decent mic, skype, etc.
  • You must be rich and good looking. Just kidding. 🙂

Here’s is how you can show your stuff. Send an email with an attached MP3 to The file should be a good example of your personality, an example of a current game related story and how you might talk about it, etc etc. Nothing hard and fast, but something that will let us gauge your editorial chops, personality, and pace.

If we like your file, you might just be third chair on what is shaping up to be the defining gamer podcast on the net. If you know someone else who might be a good fit, send ’em our way.

A nice bonus will be the ability to earn a little scratch while you are at it. We will have some shared ad revenue, potential sponsorship money, etc. So if you are interested, send those files! We will not be playing favorites to anyone we already know, and will judge this thing solely on the file you send.