Nintendo spits on GameCube as it walks away?

Is Nintendo ditching Super Paper Mario on the GameCube in favor of a Wii-only version? Looks like it from what self-proclaimed Nintendo expert and mailbag answering extraordinaire Matt Casamassina from IGN says: “Let me just say that yes, Paper Mario will be headed to Wii and not GameCube.”

Fine. We can play the game on Wii. But I’ve just never been “at peace” with how Nintendo has handled their GameCube campaign in the past as with Zelda: Twilight Princess (sense continued resentment for the delay). I believe you assume a liability with consumers from the day you launch a console and announce games for it; in this case, the GameCube.

How would you rate Nintendo’s overall management of the GameCube (on a scale of 1-10), independent of how great the system is/was? And let’s hope bollocks like this don’t happen with Ninty’s next-next console, regardless of how sweet it might be.

[Thanks, ryro]