Bronies Rejoice!


Wayforward recently gave us an amazing remake of Ducktales, making fanboys from the NES era something to squeal about.  Now, they are after the Bronies.  Via reddit, Wayforward announced that they would like to create a My Little Pony game.  The desire to create the game came directly from Adam Tierney.

“Oh, and we’re 100% not kidding, people – SO many people here at WayForward wanna make a My Little Pony: FiM game. Lauren Faust ROCKS. Make it happen, Bronies!  You guys should email Hasbro – tell them how much you’d like to see a WF-developed FiM game”

So, it isn’t a thing yet, but with enough fan support, and MLP has it, we could see it become a reality.  I am not a brony, but I know quite a few.  They are a passionate bunch and will surely do all they can to make this happen.  What do the resident Bronies think?  What about you all that aren’t about the Brony life?

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