Bring it on: Retro Studios in consideration to collaborate on next Zelda


Says Nintendo’s Miyamoto: “As you know, we have already collaborated with Retro for the Metroid Prime series in the past (not to mention last year’s game of the year: Donkey Kong Returns). And I think when we talk about any other franchise, Zelda might be a possible franchise for that collaboration.”

It’s common belief around the halls of Infendo that Retro Studios may have finally surpassed Nintendo EAD as the freshest and arguably most reliable in-house developer Nintendo has. Having them work alongside Nintendo headquarters for the next Zelda would surely produce exciting results.


  1. This would be awesome!

  2. Please do!

  3. I have faith that Retro would handle a new Zelda with such care and dedication in development. This is the same group of people that achieved the almost impossible by bringing Metroid into the third dimension with a first-person perspective.

    Although, personally, I would really, REALLY like to see Retro flex their skills a bit more with a new IP. A lot of possibilities have yet to be tapped here with Retro.

  4. After their outstanding work on DKCR and half of Mario Kart 7, I’d love to see Retro tackle a Zelda game!!!

  5. Zelda is quite possibly my favorite franchise of all time, and metroid prime is one of my favorite games of all time, so this is great news! I still want retro to make they’re own IP eventually but this is still great news!!!

  6. i loved this news from the first day it popped up on the internet that retro was considering zelda 🙂 and i also love that retro is branching out and that their not limited to just metroid games now 😀

  7. As exciting as this is I do have some hesitation. For me Skyward Sword is one of my all time favs, and if its not broken why change it? I would rather see Retro work on an IP or take another Nintendo series that is in need of a good game (Star Fox and F-Zero come to mind)

  8. @Tanner: Agree 100%.
    First of all I hope that by now, they have grown the companys workforce considerably, enabling them to work on two or three games at a time.
    – When that’s said and done, imagine what these guys could do with the Star Fox WiiU game. — Or let them develop their own IP.
    – After the Artoon semi-failure, what could Retro do to save that series?
    – Or what about a spiritual succesor to Super Mario World. I miss the yellow cape and feather. New Super Mario World by Retro Studios ftw.

  9. “- After the Artoon semi-failure, what could Retro do to save that series?”
    And by that, I meant Yoshi’s Island.

  10. Great news because Zelda is starting to show its age, but I too would like to see something completely new from Retro instead of them just becoming the new EAD.

  11. @Tanner – While I agree that Skyward Sword is amazing I think that Nintendo shaking things up with the Zelda franchise will keep things from getting stale. Get some fresh new ideas that will change the franchise in new and better ways. It reminds me of when Pixar hired Brad Bird:

    “Steve Jobs hired him, says Bird, because after three successes (Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Toy Story 2) he was worried Pixar might struggle to stay innovative. Jobs told him: “The only thing we’re afraid of is complacency—feeling like we have it all figured out,” Bird quotes his boss as saying “…We want you to come shake things up.” Bird explains to McKinsey how he did it — and why, for “imagination-based companies to succeed in the long run, making money can’t be the focus.””

  12. @Joe- You make a good point and that is a great quote. Perhaps I didn’t articulate my thoughts, but instead of meaning not change the formula of Skyward Sword I meant not change studios. Skyward Sword after all is quite a bit different(not just in game play) from its predecessors. Either way I think this is a Win Win situation for Nintendo fans as Nintendo EAD would be freed of 5 years of development(it was five years right?) to make something else like Pikman 3

  13. Hallelujah! 😀 I was hoping for that kind of news!