Boring Weekend=Boring Article?

As I sit here drinking my 6th, or is it 7th, cup of coffee today I realize that this weekend I have been completely lazy.  My oldest daughter had a friend spend the night on Friday so there was absolutely no way I was getting near the Xbox, Wii, or PS2.  The PS3 is in a bedroom and I did not feel like locking myself in there to play Final fantasy 12 (I know, it has been out forever but it is one of the games that are on my backlog list)!

We have 2 Nintendo DSi, and one 3DS.  With two daughters and one friend staying the night, they were somehow being played.  It is amazing how the Xbox 360 became more of an online chat group than an actual gaming system. I did have a chance to play the PSP last night and advance a bit in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (another game on my backlog list), but only for an hour or so. 

Most of my weekend was spent at the dining room table working on my laptop.  By “working” I mean I attempted to work a bit on one of my novels, but mostly spent it listening to music and watching videos on Youtube.  I also spent quite a bit of time listening to the captivating sounds of my Friend Stefan Richards. I also had the pleasure of opening up the xbox and fixing an issue with the drive not reading the disk.  It was an easy fix, but one I had not attempted before.

I was excited to hear the announcement of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.  I hope that they live up to expectations and do not disappoint.  I was also excited to hear the announcement of a the French version of Dream Drop Distance with a scheduled date of July 27, 2012.  Typically a French date coincides with all of Europe, so hopefully America will not be too far off!

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell.  Sometimes the life of a Gamer/Father/Husband is not all gaming and glamor.  Sorry to bore you with the lack of gaming news, or insight, but sometimes gaming is not all about the newest and best games or systems but sometimes about just spending times with friends and family.

Since this article was somewhat boring, please enjoy this cat playing Mario:




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