Bob’s Game coming to iPhone, Android, ..DS?

Following his rejection for Nintendo DS developer status, Robert Pelloni plans to release his one-man DS project on the iPhone, Andriod, OpenPandora, and into the DS homebrew community.  Months of questionable behavior seems to have left Pelloni with few options outside of open source platforms, and his aggressive streak remains.

“bob’s game” will be available for EVERY MAJOR NINTENDO DSi FLASH CART. It’s a huge legitimate reason to own these devices!

All it would take is a few hundred thousand people wanting to play “bob’s game” on Nintendo DS and it might start to bite into sales.
This has the potential to cause major damage not only to Nintendo, but to EVERY SINGLE LICENSED DEVELOPER FOR THE SYSTEM!

I’m not even a licensed developer, what do I care? NOT MY PROBLEM!

It’s not clear if Pelloni thinks vague threats will retroactively influence Nintendo’s decision, or if he’s simply continuing to put on a show to build publicity for his open source release – but at least those who are curious will get a chance to judge “bob’s game” by the content of it’s code rather than the eccentricities of it’s creator.