Bob Ross Lives!

Can you see him? Through the fog of war that has been the console wars; rising above the screams of long forgotten forays into his genre like Mario Paint; battling back from the depths of nothingness…

It’s Bob Ross! He’s still dead — but his Wii game lives on! For some here at Infendo, the Bob Ross phenomena has taken on an importance of epic proportions. But recently it was rumored that Bob wouldn’t be making an appearance on the Wii after all.

Not true! From MTV News (which somehow has become the place for Wii news lately):

A day after gaming news sites reported the possible demise of previously announced Bob Ross painting video games, the organization behind the beloved late artist told MTV News on Wednesday that the project is still in the works. “By hook or by crook there will be a game,” said Jane Kowalski, media director for Bob Ross Inc.

Bob Ross isn’t quite there yet, but one day I can see him taking on Chuck Norris.