Blue Dragon DS flies in March 2008

Blue Dragon DSHaving failed on the Xbox 360 in Japan (comparatively speaking, as in “it will revive the Xbox in Japan” type talk), the minds behind Blue Dragon have selected the DS as the platform of choice for their next RPG adventure.

Wired’s Chris Kohler has the goods, via NeoGAF:

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s company Mistwalker has announced Blue Dragon DS (tentative title), to be released this March in Japan. The DS game will be designed by Mistwalker and Lost Odyssey developers Feel Plus. Mistwalker also announced another DS game, Away: The Kidnapped People, to be developed by Artoon and released on January 31. Both games will be published by AQ Interactive, the publisher of the upcoming Mistwalker-helmed Xbox 360 RPG Cry On. Both will carry the expensive-even-for-Japan price of 5980 yen (about $53).

Blue Dragon was yet another game meant to save the Xbox brand in Japan, but didn’t. Now, it’s coming to the DS. This question is mind-numbingly obvious, but I’ll ask it anyway: Who here thinks a Japanese RPG will do well on the Nintendo DS in Japan?