Black DS Lite Landing in Europe on June 23

Sometimes it seems as if European gamers get all the luck. For those of you unfamiliar with sarcasm, that time is never. As such, the news that a sexily sleek black version of the DS Lite had been confirmed for launch in Europe left me torn between equal parts happiness and seething, unbridled hatred. This ain’t no pansy navy (cue Village People soundtrack), no, this puppy is balls-to-the-wall black, darker than a chain chomp in a coal mine, hex #000000. Meanwhile, we North American gamers are faced with the harrowing prospect of either settling for the not-quite-as-sexy white DS Lite or playing on dim screens like digital heathens.

Mark your calendars, Eurogamers, because launch day is scheduled for June 23, and if the accompanying picture wasn’t self-explanatory enough for your liking, the European DS Lite will set you back either €149.99 or £99.99, depending on your preferred landmass. The Lite will also be available in both black and white flavors, though I think the choice is clear (or, more accurately, slightly opaque).