"Biggest launch ever’ promised to Europe

I may reside in the U.S.A., but I’ll dish out plenty of good Nintendo related news to our cousins oversees if and when it comes along. Today, my Old World friends, is one of those days filled with European love from the Big N.

Via GameIndustry.biz, that business-y pub based in the U.K., we hear that Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton has promised Europe more stock for Wii this holiday season than any previous launch in Nintendo history.

But be warned — he also said in the same breath that shortages were inevitable. “Twenty million wouldn’t be enough” such is demand for the console, he said. Judging from our coverage of Amazon’s pre-order blitzkrieg and the Nintendo World Store’s hazy pre-order process (100 units? 1,000? One million units!?), it would appear that Yarnton’s comments are more “Honest Abe Lincoln” than they are “Lying though his teeth Ken Kuturagi.”