Best of 2005 DS wifi awards

Ninny lists the goods on all the acclaims that Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing have received. Also, be sure to check out their top 10 things to know about wifi.

IGN Best of 2005
Game of the Year: Mario Kart DS
Best Racing/Driving Game: Mario Kart DS
Best Offline Multiplayer Game: Mario Kart DS
Best Online Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World
Best Use of Second Screen: Mario Kart DS
Best Revival: Mario Kart DS

GameSpy: Best of 2005
Nintendo DS:
#1: Mario Kart DS
#3: Animal Crossing

Mario Kart DS makes “Game of the Year” list

GameDAILY – The 10 Best Kids Games of 2005
Mario Kart DS

Kotaku – Best Games of the Year
Best Portable: Mario Kart DS

Dallas Morning News – Video Game Top 10
#4: Mario Kart DS

Digital Entertainment News – Top 10 things that “ROCKED” in 2005
Racing Games: Mario Kart DS

San Jose Mercury News Online
Mario Kart DS makes the list as a “Game of the Year”

The Washington Post
Mario Kart DS included in a story on “Best Games for Hand-helds”

[Source: Nintendo]


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