Best Endings

What games have the most memorable endings?


  1. Super Metroid purely for emotional content. It was pretty easy in this Metroid to kill mother brain if properly equipped. That being said, having the baby metroid sacrifice itself for Samus thus giving you the hyper beam made for one satisfying ending complete with the planet exploding ala Aliens style! In my opinion Super Metroid and Metroid have the best endings.

  2. Classic games: SMB3 baybe B) It’s engrained into my memory forever, after countless beatings
    Current Gen games: Ikaruga, simply because of the satisfaction of beating a Normal game with no continues 🙂
    Recent games: Geist’s ending was pretty good (too bad the game overall was terribly unpolished, could’ve been something much more 🙁

  3. Man, the first thing that comes to mind, although it’s not a Nintendo game, is Black Cauldron for the IBM PC jr. Great ending.

  4. Dawn of a New Day.

    That’s all i gotta friggin say.

  5. Zelda: A Link to the Past
    That ending is poetic.

  6. My god, too many games, too many endings…but I loved all the LucasArts endings and the Zelda related ones. Especially Zelda-OoT was teh s4d!

    a link for the veterans…

    all the endings and pics to remember…

  7. Yeah #! I beat Super Metroid totally drunk last week. However I got to my ship with less than a second left.

  8. I like the Zelda endings…I think I would have liked the Lufia ending, just because I played this game for so many hours…but I never finished it 🙁
    The most memorable is Secret of Mana though….just seeing all those places you visited during your journy and stuff….hmmm sooo nice…

  9. Oh yeaaa. I forgot about Secret of Mana’s ending. How great were SNES RPGs eh? I’ma DL all those mofos again on the Westside Connection. I mean Wifi*.

  10. I pick Metroid Prime (the first one). I felt so much accomplishment after beating it, I wanted to do it again. By the way, this was the first NIntendo Gamecbue game or game in general that literally made my mouth drop to the floor.

    This is the only game that did that to me to tell the truth.

    It’s about time developers decided to put gameplay and story over graphics that aren’t to valuabe if the game is no fun at all.

    KUDOS TO NINTEDON, SEGA(Sort of), and NAMCO(Katamari is the best).

  11. Sorry I meant Nintendo

  12. I second Secret of Mana, excellent ending to an excellent game.

  13. I’m suprised nobody’s said Wind Waker yet. Well, technically, I guess Gannondorf pimp-smacking Zelda wasn’t part of the ending, but still, close enough. By the way, if you haven’t beaten Wind Waker yet, don’t read the previous sentence.

  14. Damnit i forgot about Prime, too! That is undoubtedly my fave final boss ever. I don’t member the ending, though.

  15. I floored the repetition of 50 stages of classic NES Bomberman only to discover he was a robot who turned into a man, and would be, in his re-incarnated form, on another NES game. That game happened to be Lode Runner.

    Talk about you’re weird endings.

  16. Shadow of the colossus, much touted as the best game ending ever. I feel ever so tempted to watch it on, but that would rob me of the ending.

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