Beer and bowling, Wii style

Wii Bowling in a PubNote to self: Travel more. Addendum: Travel more to places that enjoy a good spirit or two. Plus Wii Bowling.

The Publican, via Maxconsole, says the Wii has been a hit since day one at Brixton Bar and Grill in London. The pub runs “Wii Love Wednesdays,” which has patrons play against each other free of charge and the rest of the hooligans watch the action a big screen.

“I had this back room and it’s an unusual space,” explains Adam. “At the weekends, when we have the DJ in, it’s great. During the week I thought ”˜how can we use it?’ I have a big projector so I thought ”˜why not get a Wii?’” A self-confessed ”˜games nerd’ himself, Adam says the £180 console has more than paid for itself. Free for customers to use, it “makes people stay longer”, he says. “The last people to leave will always, always be the people playing the Wii. Selling another 10 pints at 10:45pm, it quickly pays for itself.” The only problem, he says, is that because of the much-publicised Christmas rush to buy Wiis before stocks ran out, he has had difficulty tracking down extra controllers to meet demand.

The ingenious Adam has tried traditional pub games, such as bridge and chess (really?! — Jack), but apparently none have been as successful as the good arm flailing provided by Nintendo’s hot console. Personally, I’d be worried about theft and vandalism, but then again I live in a wretched hive of scum and villainy near Boston. Yes, you got it, a college town.

What’s next? Guitar Hero/Rock Band karoake? (yes, please check on that, I could have sworn that’s already real)