Beck vs. NES

I have no idea who remixed these, but it’s some fine 8-bit programming, a la NES style. I’ve only stumbled upon these two tracks but I’d be interested in seeing if more songs are out there. It’s amazing that the original NES’s influence spans even further than just games. It was and is a cultural phenomenon.

· Beck: Girl (NES remix) · Beck: E-Pro (NES remix)

Know of any other artists mixed with NES beats?


  1. That Girl intro is one of the coolest things I have ever heard. Genius.

  2. Here’s a link to remixed NES game music: (click Saskrotch-Nintendo Breakz Volume One (Zip File)).

  3. I bought a Beck album on the iTunes music store a month or two ago called “GameBoy Variations”

    All Gameboy remixes, aces


  4. help!!! can’t you just post mp3 files for download?

    I always have problems with this media plugins… thx.


    That’s the first one, good for seven days and/or 25 downloads.

  6. Check out or there you will find tons of NES and other 8bit beats. Paza who made the E-Pro remix publishes there his music too.

  7. thx! the beck files are GREAT!

    I know and like 8bitpeoples!

  8. Beck did these himself, and actually released them prior to Guero, the album on which the “non-NES” versions appear. You should be able to find legally purchase-able versions on the iTunes Music Store.

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