BBC on The Revolution

Hear what BBC has to say about Nintendo’s Revolution and it’s competition in Europe. More of the same, but you can definitely get a sense for what our friends across the pond are thinking (at least the media).

The article also points out the PSP’s success in the UK. How’s that favoring now?

[Source: BBC]


  1. the bbc is biased agaisnt ninty in the past they have had articles which got me realy angry they seem to like sony to sound cool or somthing.

  2. More news from the front:

    I hope to god its some crappy PS3 Revolution knock off.. like a boomerang you can tilt! Then Nintendo can easily say to unsure developers: “You want to develop for some Kia knock off, or do you want to write code for the Bentley everybody should have thought of in the first place?”

  3. Pretty upbeat article. The following is wrong though:

    “About 87,000 DSs were sold in its first week in UK shops in March.

    But more than 185,000 Sony PlayStation Portables (PSPs) sold in its first four days on sale in the UK alone, so Nintendo has some competition from Sony to face.” –BBC

    In-fact, 87,000 DS’s were sold in its FIRST TWO DAYS on sale (don’t really have cumulative figures for the first week) compared to the PSP’s 185,000 in its first FOUR days. Which is the equivalent of 92,500 PSP’s sold in two days. 5,500 more than the DS in the EQUIVALENT time period. Pretty impressive considering the PSP costs twice as much as DS. But certainly not a disaster for Nintendo by any means.

    As far as I’m aware, PSP’s are sold out virtually everywhere in most UK shops. There definitely appears to be a chronic supply problem. Some observers have mentioned that this could be deliberate: SCE lose a ton of money per every PSP sold and software support is just not coming through.

    Also, see here for further news about the progress of the PSP format in the UK:

    Generally speaking, SCE face the same problem here in the UK and Europe as they do in Japan and the US: namely lack of any compelling games.

    This Xmas should be really interesting to watch with regard to PSP and DS sales.

  4. Yup yup. The PSP thumps the DS in Britain right now, but as far as I can tell after GTA comes out, there will be nothing on the PSP horizon. And it is about that time that Mario Kart will come out (Nov 25) just in time for Christmas. So then parents will be deciding between the expensive PSP (which looks cool, but also somewhat fragile in a child’s hands) or the DS which will be screaming about Mario Kart, Advance Wars, Metroid? , online play, “It’s less than £100!” etc… Interesting times!

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