ATI Talks On Hollywood

Revolution Report has an exclusive interview with a represenative of ATI. The interview isn’t ground breaking, but it is well worth a read. ATI’s represenative did state, “I know that Nintendo has committed to 2006 availability. Certainly, game developers need some time to start developing games for it. I can’t say anything more than that.”

[Source: Revolution Report]


  1. Soooo does that mean that ATi just called IGN liars?

    Honestly, it does it does! 😀

    I knew about this since last night (updated my blog finally and mentioned it) but its just such great news

    Upgraded Flipper my ass, ATi built this card from the ground up!

    Then again what does IGN care, they consider Revo Report a “Blog” of little importance…

    Still, it feels SO good to be right about IGN being an ignorant site with no reason to exist. Infendo is far superior (but I have noticed you guys miss ALOT of news, intentional or just still burnt out from holidays?)

  2. Great. Rev is in good shape. Maybe people will now appreciate the Rev.

    PS I’m goin to your blog more often now.

  3. “liars” does sound a bit strong Isslave. Why would they?

    “upgraded” comments were REPORTED from key 3rd party personnel. That’s what THEY (the 3rd parties) said. That’s just the way they talk, compare and contrast and all that

    Just how powerful do YOU think the Hollywood GPU will be?

    Doesn’t bother me one way or the other mind. To me, it’s just a games machine, something to pass the time. Therefore affordability is a key factor.

  4. They also defended it and insulted other people, thats how it works (btw I have said this too many times, but it is LSSLAVE not ISSLAVE lol)

    They claimed their third parties were reliable and had to be right, and that the GPU was an upgraded flipper (which its not).

    Who cares about power? How about the fact the Gamecube has less than half the ram of the Xbox but the Xbox lags more often? How about that? I care more about how something plays, and I will wait until the Revo comes out.

    I had the chance to be a graphics whore with PSP vs DS, guess what I chose? Ill hint: not graphics (even if DS graphics are really clear)

    As for me, I am excited about the Revo, but if it came to Revo or new guitar the Revo wouldnt hold a chance in hell. When it comes to Revo vs other game machines, yes I prefer Revo. When it comes to IGN and the fact they are one of the worst sites ever made…

  5. yeah ign they wouldnt no inteligents or fact if it hit them in the face with a wet fish comments from ign that hjave had me doubled over with giggles at there petty childish anty nintendo sillyness and blatant stupidety when psp and ds were anounced and shown at E3 psp was on a wall display was unplayable and had cables running in to it showing graphics that it just can not do in a real game and showing other hype footage ds was touchable usable at that e3 and was showing just how inotivate it can be a yet according to ign psp was all that and stole the show ermmm no it didnt ign so why lie then wen ds and psp launched psp build qoulity was a massive joke and ds was doing great ds allso sold better yet acording to ign ds had issues and psp was a god sent the latest gut wrenchingly funny comment iv witnessed on ign is wen talkingh about multi format games they said revo versions woyuld be dumbed down vwersions of 360 and ps3 well considering all 3 will have nxt gen graphics and the graphics war is technacly over theres nothing in it and only revolution will have the amasing controller HOW ON GODS GREEN EARTH WILL REVO GAMES BE DUMBED DOWN THE UTTER NONSENCE THIS SITE SPITS OUT AND THE SAD PS2/3 ZEALOTS SUCK IT ALL IN ITS JUST FUNNY TO ME HOW DAM IGNORANT THESE PEOPLE ARE

  6. i think very powerfull in the sence of wot it can do in game not on a spec sheet the term power is not the right term to use it should be how will it perform in game thats wots matters

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