Another Chibi-Robo game in Japan!?


Not until I saw Blake’s post about the upcoming DS and Wii games did I know about a new Chibi-Robo game for the DS! The literal translation of its title is “Welcome Home Chibi-Robo! Happy, Rich Big Sweep!” and involves Chibi-Robo cleaning up around the home of daughter Jenny from the first game, who is all grown up with a son and dog. Apparently the notoriously harsh Famitsu gave the game high scores and it sold really well when it was released in Japan last week, so there may be hope of seeing the game in other territories. Based on what I saw in this video, the game looks like a cross between the original GameCube Chibi-Robo title and the Park Patrol DS game from a couple of years ago. Even if you’ve never heard of Chibi-Robo, the video preview makes me think it could be an all-around awesome DS title.

Any other Chibi-Robo fans out there?