An anonymous Dutchman writes Infendo

“How about an article about West Europe? We already know that the Wii has been selling well in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, etc, but that’s because these countries aren’t afraid to buy in Wiis like Dutch stores are.

I would like to see an article about the Netherlands. Has anyone actually noticed that not only does everything come last in the Netherlands but also at the highest price?

The official launch date of the Nintendo Wii in Europe was December 8, there are still no Wiis in the Netherlands (some stores are taking preorders in the Netherlands, 2 Wiis a week whereas there are 20 preorders a week! Yep, that’s the Netherlands for you). Of course, it’s also the “official launch” date for the Netherlands as well, but the thing is, people here are so unbelievably miserly and greedy that stores never buy enough products, instead, you have to preorder everything here and wait for ages to get it.

There is not shortage of Wiis in Europe. Nintendo will of course not admit it, there is only a problem with miserliness and greediness in West Europe (Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, etc).

I’m ashamed to live in the Netherlands. Yuck!”

I had no idea that video game companies poo poo-ed so freely and so carelessly on our Dutch brothers across the pond, and that Dutch retailers were so miserly! What gives Nintendo?! What gives, land of wooden shoes!?