Advance Wars Get!

img13.jpgReader Casey writes: So, I was thinking about Advance Wars all day yesterday. Target’s flier said they would have it by 4pm yesterday. Right after work I went to Target and I couldn’t find it. I went up to the customer service desk, saw the guy flirting with a female co-worker (damn shawty, you lookin’ good), and knew it would be useless to ask them about the game. So, I went to Best Buy. they didn’t have it. Finally I went to a GameStop.

“Can I help you?”

“Do you have the new Advance Wars?”

“Did you pre-order?”


“Well, lucky you. we have one left.”

Yes, lucky me. I’m so lucky I get to give you money.

Anywho, game is fun so far. We gots to play online when you get it. Here’s my friend code: 262 117 217 945