Advance Wars Get!


img13.jpgReader Casey writes: So, I was thinking about Advance Wars all day yesterday. Target’s flier said they would have it by 4pm yesterday. Right after work I went to Target and I couldn’t find it. I went up to the customer service desk, saw the guy flirting with a female co-worker (damn shawty, you lookin’ good), and knew it would be useless to ask them about the game. So, I went to Best Buy. they didn’t have it. Finally I went to a GameStop.

“Can I help you?”

“Do you have the new Advance Wars?”

“Did you pre-order?”


“Well, lucky you. we have one left.”

Yes, lucky me. I’m so lucky I get to give you money.

Anywho, game is fun so far. We gots to play online when you get it. Here’s my friend code: 262 117 217 945


  1. Days of Ruin/ Dark Conflict (for us Europeans) is just what the series needed. It looks different, it feels a bit different and it is even slightly harder if I might say. New Co’s, new tactics, new weapons etc. I’m so glad it came out here today in the Netherlands, this makes waiting here on No More Heroes, Nitrobike, Medal of Honor 2, Battalion Wars, Mario Kart, Wii Fit and Smash Bros so much easier.

    This game is Ace!

  2. Hey Blake,

    I am in and would love to take you on! My code is: 206 282 624 187

  3. ???? Janush isn’t it supposed to be out the 25th here in EU ???

  4. Dammit now i need to run up and look for it 😛

  5. This game is great. I love the setting and the storyline. Add me if you haven’t already.

    008 714 138 835

  6. I’ll definetly be getting Days of Ruin… but on July. Right now I have waaaay to many games to finish (I’m currently playing Excite Truck, Ghost Squad, Links Crossbow Training… and Twilight Princess since I finally bought a 40″ HD TV and component cables; also my DS is already scheduled to play Contact, FF III, Phoenix Wright 2 and 3, Hotel Dusk, Chibi Robo and Age of Empires during the next 4 months) and too many expenses (got married a few months ago and the house.. well the house always needs something new).

  7. 068 843 754 087 here.

  8. Did you ask an employee at Best Buy? Every time I’ve tried to get a game at Best Buy on day of release, they’re not on the shelves – I’ve had to ask someone to find it for me.

  9. “Well, lucky you. we have one left.”

    LOL! That’s the standard answer all GameStop employees are supposed to say when asking for any game, no matter how many copies they still have there in the back! They told me the exact same thing about Endless Ocean yesterday.

    @ EdEN: I bow my hat to you, sir, for you have STRONG will! I always end up with a dozen unfinished games laying around that I have to exchange later for the next hot thing! Maybe I should try to do the same and finish Age of Empires before I try to purchase Days of Ruin

  10. Lifeisaglitch: That´s right, but most retailers already received them today (no embargo). So my code is 098908 535487.
    I´ll add you all right now and off for some practise first =)

  11. I just got this game from my favorite/local Circuit City, and I’m already having a blast with downloaded maps from NWFC. A small map took me 27 turns to beat against the AI, it’s either I gotta shake the cobwebs out or the AI has gotten much stronger since Dual Strike. I have all four titles since GBA and this is by far one of my most favorite franchises of all time, good job IntSys/Ninty

  12. @ EdEN & InvisibleMan:

    Lol I thought I was the only one with a problem like that .. . I’ve always had a queue of games to play like Psychonauts, Dead Rising, RE4 Wii Ed. (well I beat the GCN so that must count) and a crapload of other games .. . I honestly gotta stop spedning so much money on games 🙂

  13. My games-to-play queue is huge. I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of them. That’s why whenever anyone talks about a drought of games, I roll my eyes. I love droughts! They give me a chance to catch up!

  14. don’t buy at gamestop its 35 and only 30 everywhere else. they rip people off

  15. 35 bucks? Tsk, tsk. $29.99 at Circuit City, plus add a 10% discount from their Gamer’s Club promo.

  16. I’ve been playing the other Advance Wars games and liked them all, but Days of Ruin is just better. More polished, the music is catchy, story is well written. Highly recommended.

  17. I have nothing against Dual Strike, but it should have been a gameboy title. This is the reboot the series needed when it moved to DS.

  18. add me!!

    313 656 764 982

  19. Add me in.

    Great setting this time around, feels like a bit of thought has been put in to a true DS version, rather than a quick port.

    489 750 735 603

  20. Is this turning into a general friend code sharing thread? My code is
    John H.

  21. Funny, I got the last copy in my store with no pre-order too.

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