About those pesky Infendo ads (or “We love you long time if you stop ad blocking”)

infendo boss hogHi everyone. Boss Hog again. By popular demand, Infendo nuked those pesky flashing ads today. If our media rep tries to serve them again, our lawyers are going to be all over them like a rat on a Cheeto. Count on it!

That said, I’m gonna leave the left side ads where they are for a month-long trial, as promised. Hopefully more germane ads will be seen as an immediate compromise’at least until we make a final decision on how future ads will best work for both readers and advertisers. If not, I understand you have options.

With that in mind, please note that ad-blocking hurts the sites you love, including Infendo. It’s always been a dream of mine to grow the site beyond the current labor of love project that it is. But we can’t do that without advertising. And we can’t do that if you’re ad-blocking.

As always, thanks for reading and adding to the discussion. You guys are awesome. And handsome. And funny. And smart. And all that.