About that Wii Vitality Sensor…

Games E3 NintendoAdmittedly, when Jake’s liveblog of Nintendo’s E3 keynote spit out news that a Wii Vitality Sensor was forthcoming to the console, I balked. Jake did too, he said, as did a number of other Infendo editors in our super secret gmail underground lair. Blake even said there were audible snickers in the crowd that day. Again, unsurprising given the audience.

What’s sad is Nintendo has once again presented a piece of tech that’s certainly quirky at first glance, and the small-minded folk have immediately and predictably jumped on it as gimmicky or “for old people.”

I just don’t think like that I guess. Quirky? Yes. Potential to fail is high? Absolutely. But the idea of a survival horror game that uses your heartbeat as a game play mechanic; or a squad-based FPS that tracks vitals a la the movie Aliens are both outright amazing to me. Anyone whose first reaction is to laugh at a new piece of tech like this (or Natal or Sony’s motion wands, for that matter) is certainly not creative, that’s for sure.