A Rare Departure

1up is reporting that Chris and Tim Stamper, two of Rare’s three founders, have left the studio to “pursue other opportunities.” This news comes nearly four years after Nintendo’s controversial sale of Rare to Microsoft for $375 million. Many critics of Rare have since said Nintendo made a wise business decision giving up the studio that gave them Goldeneye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong Country (to name a few) considering most of the games released since the sale have lacked in quality, suffered from poor sales, or both. Even Rare’s most recent title, Viva Pinata, sold poorly this holiday season despite much critical acclaim.

Does the departure of the Stampers further cement your belief that Nintendo made the right decision and Rare’s glory days are over? Or does this just make you hopeful that the Stampers will bring third party development to the Wii?

Just remember, what you think of Rare can be determined by your reaction to this fact: Rare created The Great Mighty Poo.