Think Fast Puzzloop and DS Lite Preview

Japanese website Nintendo Inside has a preview-type article up of both the DS Lite and the concurrently forthcoming game which I’ve decided to call “Think Fast Puzzloop”. The game and system are now available to play via the “Touch! Try! DS!” kiosks throughout Japan, and I will try my best to dilligently and accurately translate the Nintendo Inside article reviewing the two new items as soon as I can.


  1. When is Lite coming out on the U.S.??

    Seriously, they can delay LoZ: TP and the Revolution all the way ’til Christmas, all I want to know is when I can get a DS Lite!

  2. Like I said the Japanese release date will be March 2nd, and since the DS software has already been translated they don’t really have to do much before they can release it here. I would probably shoot for a release before fall, especially to tide over Nintendo fans that are waiting for Twilight Princess.

  3. Puzzloop is just a copy of a game called penguin blaster at

  4. Well if they’re gonna phase out the original DS by “Aug/Sept” according to them, i would imagine the Lite will make it here around May-ish.

    I’m with Invisiman. I wants me a Lite.

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