A new way to rank games…what do you think?

Possibly the most vital part of any game review is the final score. Raise your hand if you have ever skipped an entire review to get straight to the final score in order to decide whether you should buy the game.

So now that we’ve established that, here’s my idea for a fresh new take on that oh-so-essential part of review anatomy: a game gets ranked based on how much money it should be worth. For example, I would rate Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition as $30 (sorry, it’s just not what you’d call a mustbuy game to me). Keep in mind this is not going to be incorporated into actual Infendo reviews. I’m simply responding to this recent episode of Infendo Radio.

But here’s the big question for all of you Infendo readers: under this system, should an exceptional game such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D receive a perfect $40 score? Or should the system accommodate scores that extend beyond suggested prices, thereby providing the possibility of Ocarina of Time receiving say, a $45 score? Let us know what you think!