A Look Ahead

ARS Technica has a piece looking forward into the much hyped next generation. The article is mostly focused on educated guesses into what the Revolution’s guts will likely be. The author explains why the Revolution will probably have better hardware than their competitors think. It also states why it will be more power efficient, developer friendly, and better equipped to handle physics, AI, and control than the other two next-gen systems.

It’s actually very plausible and the author backs up his claims well based on IBM and Nintendo’s histories and with off-the-record developer claims.

[Source: ARS Technica]

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  1. this is a good point of view about the next gen consoles
    I’m sure Nintendo is not so dumb to sell out a limitated machine, but it’s now clear that they are not really working on raw power but they are working to produce an optimal architecture for the Revolution…If you remember the gamecube has an excellent architecture also if his technical data wasn’t on top…and still ps2 can’t push out what gamecube can…
    ps3 and x360 are both powerful machines….but the power only will not be the only factor in the next gen war…
    example? ds outsold psp

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