$99 DS Returns

Word on the street is that Target has released a print ad promoting a $99 DS again. A Kotaku reader said he went to target where the handheld was sold out. He then went over to Circuit City and got it price matched no questions asked.

If anyone’s got the print ad, send it in and we’ll post it for all to use. At $99, I just might buy a second one.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. Hey! I gots me one still! I got a DS too, so its no use for me….meh…

    Striaght from the source…or something like that..

  2. Now if only the UK got such price cuts… -_-‘

  3. Anyone in retail who price-matches this is violating the price lock agreement with Nintendo, and could risk being fined or having Nintendo product pulled from their shelves.

    Please do not ask other retailers to match this price. Target is running this ad to screw competitors who have employees that don’t understand the corporate policies on the console price lock. You’ll put the store in a situation where you might not be able to buy future Nintendo products from them if they get nailed for breaking their contract with Nintendo by matching this bogus Target price.

  4. The original price reduction ends on Dec 12th though. Unless Target has just “happened” to make the same typo (despite correcting it quickly after the catalog came out), then it’s a great deal.

    but I have my doubts. Heck, they’re losing $30 on every DS sold!

  5. I’m not too versed in the corporate retail deals/transaction world but the “S” in MSRP is SUGGESTED not “ordered” or “demanded” or “Forced”!

  6. Must be area related. Target near me has them for normal price. Oh well.

    BTW, anyone can sell anything for any price. If there is an agreement from Nintendo on pricing it would break laws in place against racketeering in the USA and most of Europe. So there, chew on that.

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