9 Reasons to import "Your First Step To Wii"

Nintendo Japan’s “Hajimete no Wii,” often called “Wii Play” in US demos but translated as “Your First Step to Wii” on the game’s Japanese packaging is going to contain nine mini games and will be released on launch day in Japan. According to this wikipedia article the game will be sold with an additional Wiimote as well.
Here’s a rundown of the mini games that you’ll get if you decide to get a Japanese copy:
Look for that Mii (basically Where’s Waldo)
Finger Point Ping Pong
Pose Mii (Pose Miis to fit silhouettes as they fall)
Hockey (Pong x Air Hockey)
Cow Dash! (Horse racing but with Cows)
Tank! (Shoot down tanks with the Wiimote, but more fun if you attach the nunchuck for evasive manuvering)