3D video coming to Nintendo 3DS?


According to Nintendo of America, 3DS users will soon have the ability to “enjoy FREE, specially selected video content that includes 3D movie trailers, comedy clips and music videos.”  This information was confirmed after speculation of Netflix streaming 3D movies to the DS was announced.

Now, Nintendo of America has not denied that Netflix could possibly stream 3D movies to the DS, however we should keep one thing in mind… Netflix does not currently offer any 3D movies in their queue.  I am wondering, though, if the announcement by Nintendo will be used to test how many users view the 3D video content?  If it is a test, and it goes well, I would hope that Netflix offers some of the classic 3-D movies such as Jaaws 3D and Friday the 13th part 3, although I am not sure how they would work with today’s 3D technology.

Even though this is not news that Netflix will be streaming 3D content, it is still pretty exciting to see that Nintendo is making strides to offer up content through their own means.  Would you stream 3D movies to your Nintendo 3DS, or will the small screen not do a big screen movie justice?

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  1. Wasn’t this announcement about Nintendo Video?

  2. The announcement was about Nintendo Video, however many people read too deep into the announcement and assumed that the video would be streamed through Netflix. Nintendo released an updated statement to clarify.

  3. Yes, I would definitely watch 3D movies – since I already subscribe to Netflix – this would be no brainer!

  4. All the 3D streaming video I’ve seen on the 3DS has been super-compressed looking garbage. I can’t stand to watch it. If they can’t get a better picture than that, I’m not about to start.

  5. Was this a new press release? Or the one from last July? Maybe I need to empty my browser cache.

  6. I believe the original release was in July, however netflix had announced in february that they were working on possibly adding 3D movies that could stream to the Playstation 3. Apparently this caused rumors that the 3DS would begin to stream 3D movies via Netflix. An Infendo reader had inquired about the subject, So I did a bit of research on the topic. The announcement by Nintendo was basically the same as they stated back in July. It looks like they were just reaffirming that the 3D content would be their own and not via Netflix.

  7. I’ve been loving the 3D short films on Nintendo Video. The recent “Little Boat” offering was a masterpiece. Dinosaur Office is an awesome little comedy series. The 3D Machine was wonderful. The recent Kid Icarus 3-Parter looks great, even if it features the worst dialogue I’ve ever heard this side of Plan 9 from Outer Space.

    So, would I watch 3D movies via Netflix on 3DS? You betcha! How To Train Your Dragon and the Adventures of Tintin in particular. It wouldn’t be the greatest picture quality, of course. But, as the only current way to view a 3D feature at home without a stupidly expensive TV with glasses…it’d be fun.

  8. I love the fact that the 3DS has a WAY MUCH more sharper pixel density than the average HD TV.

    And the 800i on the 3DS screen looks way more better than 1080p on a 32 inch HD TV.

    And that the 3DS displays 60 fps.

    And that all 3D movies are in 60 fps.

    I have been streaming 3D Videos Online on the Nintendo eShop, and they have improve the quality drastically back in December 2011.

    Now when I stream 3D Videos on the Nintendo 3DS, it looks beautiful (much better than before December 2K11).

    And the 7.1 Surround Sound in Nintendo 3DS is beautiful, from the games to the streaming of 3D & 2D Videos in the eShop.

    I wish Netflix would do more than 5.1 Surround Sound.

    I’m glad I got “PLANTRONICS GAMECOM 777” for my Nintendo 3DS, so I can play games and listen to music & videos in 7.1 Surround Sound and it is beautiful.

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has the BEST 7.1 Surround Sound EVER!

    In the 60 fps on the Nintendo 3DS is great with the 3DS CPU of 3.6 GHz & Micro GPU of 1 GHz (underclock down to 400 MHz) and 3-Axis Motion Sensors & Stereo-Camera for taking 3D Pictures & 3D Videos and doing 3D Augmented Reality (3D Virtual Reality) and the 2.4 GHz Wireless and the IR (infrared wireless) and the Auto-stereoscopic 3D (Glasses-Free 3D).

    And with such Free 3D Apps as Hulu Plus & Netflix & Swapnote & Nintendo Video & Pokedex 3D & Colors! 3D & Flipnote 3D.

  9. And my 7.1 Surround Sound headphones (plantronics gamecom 777) only cost me $30 + $5 shipping.

    And the Nintendo 3DS only cost me $68 (less than $100) at http://www.5-on-it.com, but it took 30 to 40 days to get it on the mail, but well worth the wait.

  10. And I just leave the separate microphone plug, unplugged, with my Headphones because the Nintendo 3DS has a great built-in microphone that picks up sound in 7.1 Surround Sound and reduces far away sound when it hears nearby sound for online gaming, like in Heroes of Ruin.

  11. hi there i notice on my netflix acount have streaming 3ds movies

  12. hi there netflix started streaming 3d movies on 3ds there are about 5 3d movies too chose from