2DS Screen Replacement Cost Revealed


According to the team over at Destructoid, if you break your 2DS screen you can expect to dish out $65 (plus shipping)for the replacement.  Obviously, physical damage will not be covered under the manufacturers warranty so it is essential that you are careful with the device.  Now, the benefit of the 2DS is that it is only one screen, and not two like a 3DS.  Although it is missing the clam-shell design (didn’t cellular devices abandon that design years ago) its open face does make the screen more prone to breakage.  Although, a broken hinge on a 3Ds is just as catastrophic.

Now, $65 seems like a very reasonable price to me.  An APPLE iPhone screen replacement can be as much as $200.  Of course, if you are worried about the cost you might want to be careful with the unit.  What are your thoughts on the replacement price?

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